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UK News

The new blue UK passport

Blue British passport to be produced in EU, not UK

The newspapers are full of hysterical headlines about blue passports again. Signifying the end of civilisation as we know it, it's a story that has been described as absurd...
Stealing from clothing banks

Criminals stealing from Charity

Once upon a time there was the (admittedly strange) concept of the honest criminal. The rules were that thieves wouldn't steal from the weak, vulnerable, elderly, the curch, charity...
Fining the homeless instead of helping them

Shameful hate politics against homeless in Poole

When Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany he quickly set about marginalising and victimising the many minority groups he hated or disapproved of. Most people know his victims...
Currys PC World apologises

Currys PC World apologises for extra charges on laptops

Currys PC World has apologised to customers who have they were pressured into paying up to £40 extra for 'set up' fees when buying a new laptop. A Currys PC...
Professor Stephen Hawking

Professor Stephen Hawking, 1942 – 2018

Professor Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest minds of our times and arguably the world's most recognisable scientist alongside Albert Einstein, has died at the age of 76. Tributes...

UK Politics

John Bercow Commons Speaker

Inquiry into Bercow bullying claims ordered by Andrea Leadsom

Responding to an Urgent Question from Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, on the treatment of Parliamentary staff, Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom today announced she wants a full probe into...
Priti Patel

Labelling me BME is insulting, says MP Priti Patel

It's a question worth asking; who dreams up the acronyms used to label people, and do they consult the people they are labelling? Case in point, former cabinet minister Priti...
Labour's NEC policymakers

Labour’s NEC and Self-Defining Trans Women

Labour's National Executive Committee wants men who self-identify as women to be allowed to be added to All-Women Parliamentary Shortlists. The party's NEC is trying to push through a...
LabourToo campaign

LabourToo sexual harassment and abuse report

Those who wish to use alleged sexual abuse as a political tool should remember the old adage about people living in glass houses. Throughout 2018 and much of 2017, newspapers...


Champions league knockout stages

English Champions League Prospects

Finally, the Champions League returns to our screens this week, and we take this chance to assess what prospects the five English clubs have. For the first time in Champions...
antonio conte

Conte – out of his depth, or working his ticket?

Not for the first time, the UK sports pages dedicate substantial coverage to the inevitable exit of Antonio Conte from Chelsea. Conte may have been given a stay of...
alexis sanchez

Manchester star Alexis Sanchez given a 16 month prison sentence

Perhaps not a surprise to those who know how these things work in Spain, Manchester United forward Alexis Sanchez has been handed a 16-month prison sentence in Spain, after...



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