criminal gang on mopeds raid apple's regent street flagship store

Apple Store, Regent Street – Yet another theft by a gang on mopeds

A gang of moped thieves smashed their way into Apple's store in Regent Street and stole iPads, laptops and watches worth thousands of pounds last night.

Challengers for the stupidest burglar of the decade award

Goodish Times present our first candidates for the 'Stupidest Burglar of the Decade" award, featuring four of the UK's most incompetent and stupid burglars.
car insurance - which photo to send?

Sometimes you have to smile

If you've ever done something that embarrassed the crap out of you, made yourself feel stupid and given your pals a lot to laugh about, just relax; we all do it.
travelling the world with agorafobia

Travelling the world with agoraphobia

Jacqui Kenny is a New Zealander who lives in London, and she found a way to travel the world despite agoraphobia, thanks to Google Maps.
Planetary collision, destruction of earth

When is the end of the world arriving?

Goodish Times is not a newspaper where journalists work at promoting political parties or inventing news rather than reporting it; it's a magazine written by normal people, with proper...
MP Barry Sheerman who thinks intelligent people voted remain

Labour MP says educated voters supported Remain

Huddersfield’s Labour MP Barry Sheerman, well past his sell-by date, recently looked down his nose and let us know that only stupid people voted for Brexit.