Anti-abortion protesters
Anti-abortion protesters

Have you ever wondered why so many people just cannot live unless they can enforce their own morals on other people?

So it is with anti-abortionists, amongst others.

It doesn’t matter why a pregnant woman is considering or determined to have an abortion; rape, incest, deformities, fear, lack of money, unwanted pregnancy, runaway fathers, they all lead to the same unpleasant place. It’s a place few of us would wish on others, and also a place where the malicious anti-abortionists gather in shameless numbers.

It’s not enough that women have to take agonising personal decisions that they will probably never forget, have to persuade a doctor to give them a referral (hope your doctor isn’t a rigid catholic) and have to deal with appointments with specialists before getting near a treatment table. No, they also have to cope with blatant bullying and harassment from people who have absolutely no right to judge, who call these unfortunate women murderers, baby killers and god knows what else.

Emotional blackmail as a first resort
Emotional blackmail as a first resort

Women arriving at abortion clinics can expect to see demonstrators kneeling in prayer or to be shown extremely graphic images, aimed only at causing emotional distress. The activities of these protesters are pretty sick, ranging from emotional blackmail of women on their way in, with things like the prayer routines, or teddy bears being shoved into their hands by women who insist on calling them “mum”, through to hateful abuse and anger for those leaving. Videos of these women (unconsenting, of course) is uploaded live to sites like Facebook along with messages saying they are on their way to hell for being a child murderer.

Those who try to defend the women are met with a wall of hateful abuse.


I recently read an extremely unintelligent article that decided that the who debate boiled down to nothing more than gender equality. That may be a convenient excuse for a feminist martyr to jump in front of a TV camera and tell us how we’re all sexist at heart, but it’s utter bullshit too.

There is no doubt that the men and women (yes, both genders) who lay in wait of women outside abortion clinics feel totally justified in intimidating, blackmailing, bullying and insulting their already victims. But really, what we’re looking at is nothing more than yet another minority group claiming the moral high ground on the basis that their beliefs are incontrovertible, and screaming abuse at those who disagree. The general idea is to intimidate people into running away.

There is very little between the militants who get down on their knees and say the oppose abortion because the ‘mother’ is killing one of god’s creatures’, using terms like murderer, and so on, and the LGBT militants who aim a similar level of hate and intimidation against anybody who refuses to accept that the human race has only two genders. Ironically, many of the anti-abortionists will also be opponents of homosexuality, or at least gay marriage, and so are potentially both the bully and bullied.

Recent attempts to block protesters in Ealing may yet work
Recent attempts to block protesters in Ealing may yet work

The real problem is that instead of being content with acceptance, of being able to go through life without needing to worry what other people think or do, modern society is being torn into shreds by minority groups demanding that everybody get down on their knees and publicly worship their little cause.

Never mind the ridiculous advent of the snowflake generation, the real poison in our society is ‘Generation Me’. Nobody else is right, only me. Nobody is allowed to criticise what I do, because I am always right. Your morals, ethics, culture or opinions have no right to oppose mine, and must get down on their knees and beg forgiveness, otherwise I’ll tell the whole world you’re a murdering, child-abusing, homophobic, sexist, racist, body shaming fascist nazi.

For fuck’s sake, lighten up! You’re one person in 7 billion, and not the president of us all. Do what you choose to do and allow others to do as they would do, without abusing them for it. Don’t demand others agree with you, only that you be allowed to do what you want without intimidation. Live a little.

Stephanie Coulson

The office cat lady

My name is Stephanie Coulson and I am a 'normal' mum who writes a bit, builds websites for a hobby and helps manage the family business in an effort to make ends meet.

I qualified as a teacher at Uni and after a brief period in the UK, moved to Spain and Italy where I taught English and helped start up the insegnanti-inglese teaching groups in Milan and Rome. I returned to the UK in 2017.

Once a Labour voter, I no longer recognise what the party has become. I didn't vote in the Brexit referendum, living abroad at the time, but would have voted leave. I've seen the difference between the way the UK treats EU nationals and how some EU states treat UK nationals.


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