One of the websites we are proud to be associated with is, a website dedicated to helping cat and dog rescue groups find new homes for unwanted or abandoned pets.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a lifelong animal lover. Although I haven’t been able to have a pet for a few years, I’ve usually had at least one living with me at any given time. I tend to prefer large dogs and mean cats, but I’ve had chinchillas and other smaller critters too. If there’s anything guaranteed to get my blood boiling, it’s animal cruelty or neglect.

Too many homeless pets

Sadly, thousands of pets find themselves homeless in the UK every year. Some are homeless after going for a long walk and getting lost, some are abandoned by owners, some are surrendered to pet rescue centres by owners who can no longer keep them, and some are confiscated from abusive or neglectful owners.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter why a cat or dog finds itself homeless, it’s very rarely the fault of the pet. Rather than put all these homeless pets to sleep, there are volunteer pet rescue groups dotted around the UK who exist only to rehome them with new families. Many, though not all, operate strict ‘No Kill’ policies, which means they won’t destroy a healthy pet just because they have no space or can’t find a home for it quickly enough – something the RSPCA are guilty of doing., helping cat rescue, dog rescue and pet rehoming groups
Please support animal rescue groups with ‘No Kill’ policies

The Adoptable website exists to allow not just pet welfare charities, but also private pet owners advertise pets that are in need of new homes. If you need to find a new home for your cat or dog, or if you’re looking for a new pet and would consider adopting, please take a look at Pet welfare groups and private individuals can advertise and it is a 100% free service. Adverts are always manually checked before publishing in order to guarantee the site doesn’t get flooded with adverts from criminal puppy farms.

If you run a cat rescue group or a dog rescue group, you can also register on the site and add your organisation to the rescue group directory. Adoptable is run on a 100% non-profit basis and doesn’t ask for your money – it just asks for your support!

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