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Do not try doing this at home

Drunk man loses a 30-inch sex toy inside his anus

Doctors in the Accident and Emergency department at Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust were understandably gobsmacked when a patient arrived for treatment and told them that he'd...
borat mankini

Borat actor offers to pay mankini fines

Six Czech tourists who were arrested and fined 22,500 Tenge each (approx £50) for dressing up as Borat by wearing nothing more than 'mankinis' in Astana, Kazakhstan for wearing...

Dumbest burglar of the decade award

Goodish Times present our first candidates for the 'Stupidest Burglar of the Decade" award, featuring four of the UK's most incompetent and stupid burglars.
car insurance - which photo to send?

Sometimes you have to smile

If you've ever done something that embarrassed the crap out of you, made yourself feel stupid and given your pals a lot to laugh about, just relax; we all do it.
Planetary collision, destruction of earth

When is the end of the world arriving?

Goodish Times is not a newspaper where journalists work at promoting political parties or inventing news rather than reporting it; it's a magazine written by normal people, with proper...

Coming out as a sex pest

I belong to an exclusive club! Along with the rich and famous, I'd like to bring it out in the open and 'out' myself as a confirmed and lifelong sex pest.
killer fish - a gang of angry dover soles

Angry Dover Sole almost kills fisherman

The next time you're in Bournemouth and someone tells you to get in the water and that's it's perfectly safe, think again. The English Channel may not be home...

Toilet Dramas – why so many?

What is it with toilets? We're told to avoid things like guns, knives, matches, fireworks and so on, so why does nobody warn us about the dangers of toilets?

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