Vote for the many momentum activists, not the 'few' opponents..
Vote for the many momentum activists, not the 'few' opponents..

Labour’s internal battle between the far left and moderates continues unabated, as trade union activists and supporters of Jeremy Corbyn took steps to prevent an election they looked likely to lose.

On saturday morning, just minutes before the Labour Party’s National Policy Forum (NPF) was due to meet in Leeds, an emergency meeting of the ruling National Executive Committee officers’ group cancelled the election of its new chairperson.

Why? Despite having lost the backing of Momentum, who now control the labour party, veteran activist Ann Black had been on course to defeat her union-backed rival Andi Fox in an election to chair the critically important policy forum, which sets Labour policy for future general elections.

The election was called because former MP Ann Cryer and NPF chair recently announced that she was stepping aside from the post.

Momentum cancelled the election to stop Ms Black from winning
Momentum cancelled the election to stop Ms Black from winning

Stop the election!

However, once it became clear that Ms Black was on course to beat her Momentum approved rival, Corbyn supporters complained that there hadn’t been enough notice of the election and voted to cancel it. A conference telephone call of the NEC officers group voted by 5 to 1 to halt the election.

At the centre of the row is a battle for membership of the nine-member NEC officers’ group which, amongst other matters, controls selection of Parliamentary candidates. The chair of the NPF is automatically given membership of the officers’ group, which currently has a ‘Corbyn-friendly’ majority of six-to-one. Momentum wants to ensure it has no internal opposition.

This is unlikely to be the end of the matter, with members of the policy forum angry that the NEC officers seem to be acting on the instruction of the Leader’s office. The process for elections was agreed by the Joint Policy Committee, which oversees the NPF jointly with the NEC, of which Corbyn is co-chair.

“Jeremy has ordered a national review of party democracy and yet this morning it looks like his office has ensured there is no internal party democracy for the National Policy Forum,” a party insider complained.

Richard Angell, director of centrist group Progress, said: “As ever, the Left and Momentum only likes party democracy that goes their way. If they cannot get the outcome they want, they will bend the rules and fix the outcome. It’s shameful really.”

There's a non-momentum supporter over there, make sure he can't vote!
There’s a non-momentum supporter over there, make sure he can’t vote!


The far left, which I consider Momentum to be a part and principal driver of, has never been a believer of democracy if it cannot dictate the outcome of a vote. The effort they are putting into the anti-brexit cause, filling newspapers with bias and scare stories in an attempt to bully people into pretending the brexit vote should be reversed is a good example of their thinking; ‘If we don’t want it, it’s not democratic, so we’ll stop it, no matter what the stupid electorate think’.

The arrogance they demonstrate when forced to deal with normal people is appalling, their slogan-based propaganda aimed at stirring up hatred and the discrimination and victimisation they turn on anybody who thinks differently to them should scare the crap out of every resident of this country.

Robert Blackthorne

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