Brexit, cutting the nanny state apron strings

Never mind which way you voted, don’t you just get sick to death of the dishonest way that everything from the rising cost of biscuits through to unemployment is blamed on Brexit? Or hearing it used to sow gloom, doom and doubt with claims of things that could happen?

If you have an IQ high enough to enable you to tie a shoelace, you’ll have noticed the relentless “Brexit could..” campaign that aims to make you wish you’d never heard of Brexit, let alone voted for it.

Declaration of Independence

There are no other ways to look at it; Brexit was Britain’s Declaration of Independence. Faced with the tentacles of the EU worming their way into every part of British life, deciding what laws we should have, where we should buy products from, what rights people should have or not have and the steady erosion of the concept of ‘country’, Britain voted to escape absorption and regain independence. The United States of Europe, long the socialist’s wet dream, is currently wobbling on its feet a little. If Britain successfully breaks the shackles and says ‘sod off’ to the dictatorial behaviour and outrageous demands coming from the EU, there is a very real possibility that what remains will slowly unravel.

Democracy won

After all the shouting, name-calling and scare tactics, there was a high turnout for the electorate voted to leave, 52% to 48%. The majority of people, notwithstanding the daily feed of ‘the UK is too weak to survive on its own’ articles, decided it had had enough of the EU. Like it or not, it’s called democracy, and it must prevail.

Of course, for dyed in the wool socialists and those looking for a place on the EU gravy train, keeping Britain in the EU matters a damn sight more than democracy. To the EU, the potential loss of status and the enormous loss of money to fund their socialist empire is enough to drive Junker and his friends to drink…

Goebbels would be proud

So, those people who believe they are smarter than you and I, who think the electorate too stupid to be allowed to vote on anything more important than moronic party slogans, have set the propaganda machine in motion.

brexit and goldfish memories

Project Fear (Ver. 2.0) requires friendly publications and TV news channels to provide a daily drip of anti-Brexit articles, repeating the original claims that the UK cannot survive unless the EU is allowed to decide our rules and take our money. The aim is to scare the crap out of many people as possible, to persuade you that everybody except you wants a second referendum to allow the first one to be overruled. Oh, and to persuade Labour voters that it’s all the fault of the Tories.

In case you’ve forgotten, large parts of the Conservative party supported the ‘remain’ camp, while parts of the Labour party supported ‘leave’. But now, in a distortion of facts that would shock even Goebbels, our socialist friends clinging to the ‘remain’ liferaft are trying to persuade Labour ‘leave’ voters that it was all just a conspiracy by the hated Tories, led by Theresa May and David Cameron.  Perhaps they forget that Theresa May was in the ‘remain’ camp, as was one of its hardest campaigners, David Cameron, the Conservative Prime Minister at the time.

Project Fear V2.0 seems to assume that in addition to being stupid for voting ‘leave’, we all have goldfish memories too, so it can appeal to tribal hatred.

If in doubt, blame brexit

Brexit Fallout

Reading the news over the past year, we’ve learned that Brexit forced Jamie Oliver to announce the closure of six of his restaurants. It’s true. Jamie’s spokesman said so. Even before we’ve even left the EU, Simon Blagden, chief executive of Jamie’s Italian, contrived to link the chain’s struggles to Brexit, saying: ‘As every restaurant owner knows, this is a tough market and post-Brexit the pressures and unknowns have made it even harder.’ You have been warned; Brexit could make you eat less pizza.

There could be more terrorism because of Brexit. (Do Junker and Tusk speak on behalf of international intelligence agencies?)

Brexit could cause a terrible economic depression. (So could a war, a stock market crash, banks lending badly, the realisation that Italy will never repay its debts and just about a million other things. In fact, didn’t the EU have a recession of its own recently? Isn’t that what triggered ‘austerity’? Or are we saying the EU doesn’t have recessions?)

Brexit could cause house prices to fall through the floor. (Yes, they could. So could a Labour government, or a wet summer. Housing prices fluctuate in cycles, going up and down. In the last fall, which occurred despite us being in the EU, prices fell by around 20% from 1989-93.)

The French could ignore the fact that they have huge numbers of illegal immigrants in their own country, many around Calais and refuse to police them, allowing them to storm the ferries and invade the UK. (Hang on, that already happens, but I thought it was only ‘leave’ who were allowed to play the immigration card?)

Illegal immigrants breaking into trucks
Illegal immigrants breaking into trucks outside Calais

Under Brexit, UK citizens could be forced to have visas to visit Europe. (Yes, and EU citizens could be forced to have one to travel the other way. But we need visas of one type or another to visit most of the rest of the world so what’s the problem?)

Brexit will cause things to be more expensive. We’ve already seen proof of that in the shops. (Prices are affected daily by exchange rates. The value of the pound, like that of the Euro, fluctuates. Nothing, Brexit or no Brexit will ever stop that. There is no reason for the price of goods from the EU unless the EU introduces extra taxes on UK products and the UK retaliates with similar import taxes. In that case, the solution is to make the products in the UK, create a few jobs and say ‘Up yours’ to the EU dictatorship.)

Note: Prices shot up as soon as the pound lost value. There was silence and a lack of larger jaffa cakes when it went back up.

Big brother, mindless poseurs, fakes, attention seekers

Brexit could cause TV companies to discontinue programs that are universally derided as absolute garbage, like Big Brother, because they won’t get so much advertising revenue. Oh hang on, that’s already happened, and ITV’s Chief executive Adam Crozier blamed Brexit for the dip in the show’s ad revenue. (Absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with it being a formula that has been flogged to death, stuffed full of brainless, pouting plastic clothing horses. Absolutely not.)

Wait, there’s more…

Brexit could mean sugar costs more. Brexit could mean there is a brain drain. Brexit could mean nobody will be left to work in the NHS. Brexit could mean no money is spent on research. Brexit could mean you’ll lose all your civil rights, be made unemployed, denied benefits and slung in prison for not having a job. Brexit could lead to smaller Mars bars, children being forced to start work at age 13 and could also lead to everybody getting cancer.

Of course, Brexit could also result in shorter waiting lists to see a doctor because we won’t be the EU’s free hospital. Brexit could mean there are more jobs in manufacturing, as EU companies open factories here. It could mean fewer foreign cars and more British-made cars are sold. It could mean men won’t need to shave so often and women will be able to opt out of having menstruation until it’s convenient.

It could also mean absolutely none of those things, but you’ll still have purchased several million newspapers by the time you discover the truth.

Dodgy Polls

Now we’re being told that the majority of us want a second referendum. Really? Apparently so; a polling company recently phoned their pool of professional poll-responders, who apparently speak for the entire UK. These are presumably the same gifted professionals who predicted a huge ‘remain’ win, based on their phone polls.

Anyway, just remember that if your cat gets run over by a car, it’s your fault for voting ‘leave’


Stephanie Coulson

The office cat lady

My name is Stephanie Coulson and I am a 'normal' mum who writes a bit, builds websites for a hobby and helps manage the family business in an effort to make ends meet.

I qualified as a teacher at Uni and after a brief period in the UK, moved to Spain and Italy where I taught English and helped start up the insegnanti-inglese teaching groups in Milan and Rome. I returned to the UK in 2017.

Once a Labour voter, I no longer recognise what the party has become. I didn't vote in the Brexit referendum, living abroad at the time, but would have voted leave. I've seen the difference between the way the UK treats EU nationals and how some EU states treat UK nationals.


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