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A Goodish Disclaimer

The reality of modern Britain is that if you say that it's raining, some tinpot politician or journalist somewhere will be trying to work out a way to convince the rest of the country that you're somehow oppressing someone else, and become the self-appointed champion of their cause.

So you can imagine how we feel. In between expressing opinions, we need to think about the consequences.

Some of you will remember that a couple of decades ago, a number of our right-on political superiors decreed that competitive sports discriminated against the fat kids who got picked last for playground football teams. Having more or less succeeded in banning exercise, we now have the fattest kids in the whole of Europe and none of them get picked for playground football matches. Equality rules.

Obviously, it would be discriminatory to blame the kids, so instead they lecture parents and dream up ways of taxing or banning sweets and fizzy drinks.

Around about the same time, wrapped in egalitarian blubber to help it slide smoothly, the right to express an honest non right-on opinion was quietly flushed down the toilet by the thought police. Don't kid yourself that you watch big brother; the party activists are out there listening to you, glass against the wall.

So, and just for the record, Goodish Times is a news and opinions magazine written by normal people. By 'normal people' we mean people who don't invent or distort news for a living (journalists) or people who spin / wash / launder / misrepresent mangle news in an attempt to get you to vote for them (politicians).

By normal people, we mean 'the man and woman on the street', if you like. If you really insist on speaking to us in person, you'll find us in the High Street every morning, waiting for a bus.

Back to the disclaimer; this site has no political affiliations of any sort. We would happily see them all locked up, regardless of their flag. What you will find on this website is a little news with added comment and opinion.

If you (or anybody you wish to represent) feel in any way slighted, offended or mortally wounded by words, opinions or images used within this website and wish to take legal action, we suggest you save your money and invest in a good therapist. We would have said 'man up' except we hate the term and couldn't find one that applied to women other than 'butch up', and we figured someone would almost certainly get their knickers in a twist if we used it. So we didn't.

If you don't like what you read here, please accept our invitation to go and visit another website.