Marcos Amaral Gourgel died homeless

This story can only count as a lesson for those politicians and political activists who see human tragedy as political photo opportunities.

On February 14th, the UK media picked up on a story about a homeless man who died while sleeping rough in the streets around Westminster. The man was discovered in Westminster underground station, near the back entrance to the Palace of Westminster, frequently used by politicians and their staff. Temperatures in the area were reported to have fallen to 2 degrees below zero during the night. However, instead of it remaining a simple human tragedy, the Labour Party Publicity Machine spotted the opportunity. No sooner had news of the death hit the streets than a bunch of flowers were laid at his final resting place by staff from Jeremy Corbyn’s office with a little card, in Jeremy Corbyn’s name which said “This should never have happened. As a country we must stop walking by. Rest in peace.”

Ths was followed up on Twitter, where Jeremy Corbyn, or party members using his account, posted the message: ‘I’ve just been told about the death of a rough sleeper right by the entrance to Parliament. The powerful can’t carry on walking by on the other side while people don’t have a home to call their own. It’s time all MPs took up this moral challenge and properly housed everyone.’

So after centuries of people dying in the streets, one homeless man’s death can still be an ‘opportunity’ for those politicians who want to position themselves as opponents of ‘the powerful’.

Westminster station

Who was the man who died?

Anyway, let’s take a look at who this homeless man was. It turns out the man was 35-year-old Marcos Amaral Gourgel, who had dual Angolan and Portuguese nationality, and who was a regular visitor at an emergency homeless shelter run by central London homelessness charity The Connection.

Staff at The Connection, who said they were ‘deeply saddened’ by his death, said they had been helping him try to find a job and he had submitted an application form last week – hoping to become a waiter. They added that he enjoyed singing and regularly attended yoga classes, and that he had worked previously as a model and in various hospitality jobs.

A twice-deported paedophile

Portuguese government officials confirmed the identity of Mr Gourgel, and also confirmed that he had been deported from the UK twice, in 2014 and 2016. Further investigation revealled that Gourgel had been deported from the UK in 2014 after serving a prison sentence for sexually abusing a child. Having been deported a second time in 2016, it has yet to be established how he came to be in the UK again.

So the man the Labour party used to justify their outpouring of fake outrage turned out to be a convicted paedophile who was in the UK illegally despite having been deported twice.

Instead of asking how this twice-deported paedophile could be living on the streets of the UK and applying for jobs with the blessing of charities who provided him with a bed (presumably) unaware of who and what he was, Labour MP’s were predictably quick to jump aboard the Twitter bandwagon and book their space in the Guardian’s article covering the story.

Uncaring political opportunists
Politcians were quick to demonstrate their caring side

Uncaring opportunistic politicians

We’re sick of hearing politicians of all party colours braying in front of the cameras about how compassionat ethey are and how ‘simple’ problems like homelessness would be solved yesterday if only; they were in power / in the right job / it wasn’t cloudy. No political party has ever seriously tried, let alone succeeded, in ending homelessness and none ever will. And they all know it.

It is perhaps fitting that the Labour Party’s propaganda machine should have pinned their flag to the mast of a twice-deported paedophile who was in the UK as an illegal alien. It demonstrates an absolute disregard and contempt they have for the truth when it comes to political point scoring.

It’s unethical, immoral and so devoid of integrity that it should be enough to get those responsible barred from ever being involved with politics of political parties.

Robert Blackthorne

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