David Davies MP, accused of transphobia
David Davies MP, accused of transphobia

It seems that neither the average British redtop nor the Guardian are capable of printing an issue without referring to someone suffering from one phobia or another. This morning, sitting on the train whilst on my way to work I found myself in a conversation with a couple of acquaintances about the way phobia are thrown around like confetti these days.

Have you ever wondered what other phobias you are unknowingly suffering from but been too ashamed to ask a social worker to find out? Well, we’ll try to guide you through the most common phobias labels.

If you feel uneasy or uncomfortable when you see woman wearing devices to hide their faces, or feel uneasy when you see older asian men hanging around teenage girls, you’re plainly an ‘islamaphobe’ and/or racist.

If you are a practising christian, muslim or member of any other religion and believe in a book which says that homosexuality is wrong, or even a crime, you are in fact a ‘homophobe’.

Did you believe what you were told in school, and believe that being born with a penis and testicles or vagina defines a child as male or female? That makes you a ‘transphobe’.

Should we be free to criticise communities or individuals whose behaviour or values differ from our own, whether they be paedophiliac marriages, misogyny, sexuality or just contempt for the wider community, or should we be bullied into submission and silent acceptance, or even silenced by the law?

National Geographic is transphobic, apparently

Acceptable hate speech?

Conservative MP David Davies apparently believes that a person born with a penis and testicles is a male. Or at least, not a female. However, according to the LGBT Conservative group, he is not only wrong but a transphobe and a ‘c*nt’. The conversation is repeated below.

“Somebody possessing a penis and pair of testicles is definitely not a woman. This should be a biological fact not a matter for political debate. At least we can agree on something.”
— David Davies MP

Mr Davies’ tweet provoked the following response from the official LGBT Tories account:

The tweet provoked a strong response from the official LGBT Tories account:
“David TC Davies’ transphobic views are abhorrent and out of kilter with Conservative Party policy. It’s clear that the T in his name stands for transphobe. It’s equally clear what the C stands for.”
— LGBT+ Conservatives

This in turn caused Davies to both respond and forewarn of a complaint:
“It is appalling that a Conservative group which purports to stand for equality is willing to allude to the word “cunt” to describe MPs it doesnt like. You are a disgrace.”
— David Davies MP

“My “transphobic” view is that having a penis makes you male. You may disagree but implied use of word a “cunt” is abusive and misogynistic. You’re an official Conservative group. We are against social media abuse. I’ll be making official complaint to on Monday.”
— David Davies MP

So, just in case that wasn’t clear enough; if you studied biology at school and learned and still believe that being born with a penis and testicles or a vagina defines you as being male or female, you’re totally wrong and a transphobe. What’s more, you are a c*nt with abhorent views. I’m told that ‘c*nt’ is a perfectly reasonable word to use in response to views that contradict the LGBT line.

Book burning

Just imagine how many biology teachers are going to be sacked for teaching ‘abhorrent lies’ when the LGBT people get someone on the teaching boards. And just imagine how many ‘non-approved’ books will need to be burnt.

We’d have to start with any biology books that have gender definitions or diagrams with ‘male’ or ‘female’ on them. Then we’d need to burn any novels that failed to include LGBT characters in leading roles.

Religious books are harder to deal with, of course. Teachers could tear ‘non-approved’ pages out of the bible and most other religious books, but we’re kinda buggered when it comes to the Koran. You can’t tear pages out of that without being accused of islamaphobia, whereas if you leave them in, you’re a homophobe or transphobe. Tricky.

Saying breastfeeding is natural is apparently transphobic
Saying breastfeeding is natural is apparently transphobic

Breastfeeding and Transphobia

Twisted logic is being used to distort simple realities. Here is a simple question; do you think breastfeeding babies is a natural exercise? If you answered ‘No’ you’ll be stoned to death by the ‘allow breastfeeding anywhere we like’ lobby. However, if you answered yes, that breastfeeding is a simple, natural and biological action, you are in fact promoting transphobic beliefs. This particular essay in perverted logic comes from a 2016 issue of the medical journal Pediatrics, a paper arguing that promoting breastfeeding as a “natural” alternative to formulas is wrong because it doesn’t help the Cultural Revolution. To quote:

Coupling nature with motherhood, however, can inadvertently support biologically deterministic arguments about the roles of men and women in the family (for example, that women should be the primary caretakers of children). Referencing the “natural” in breastfeeding promotion, then, may inadvertently endorse a controversial set of values about family life and gender roles, which would be ethically inappropriate.”

So let’s ‘de-gender’ motherhood because hey, breastfeeding isn’t just for girls, Right?

Minority rules?

Being serious, this is just getting too stupid for words. If you belong to a minority group, any criticism of you can be labelled ‘hate speech’. If you’re a fashionable group with celebrity members you’ll be able to get the newspapers to scream the house down if someone begs to differ. If you shout loud and long enough, someone will pass a law that says nobody is allowed to express an opinion or belief that contradicts your own.

For all the publicity our minority group publicists drum up, you’d think we’re talking about millions of people. We’re not. A couple of thousand people a year seek assessment on the issue, with a small percentage actually going ‘all the way’ and changing sex. But, as with all minority groups, we’re seeing the move towards enforced suppression of alternate views, and the building of new pedestals.

I don’t know what the majority of the population think about gays, lesbians, transexuals or french bread. Nor do I truly care a great deal. Sexuality, like religion and opinions, is down to personal choice and you’re entitled to yours, just as I’m entitled to mine. But if you insist on telling people yours or advertising it for all to see, don’t be surprised when people offer contradictory opinions. Accept that other people may find what you believe, do or say to be offensive, wrong or distasteful.

even people who disagree with you are entitled to their opinions

Too many sacred cows

No matter who you are, gay, straight, lesbian, trans, jewish, muslim, Donald Trump or the man who cleans shoes outside Paddington Station, you are not the untouchable sacred cow. Your views are not hallowed examples of everlasting and overriding truth simply because you think they should be. Stalinist attempts to force speech censorship by a tiny minority onto the majority through bullying and incessant name-calling is oppressive and wrong, no matter what.

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