Labour's absurd gender politics
The absurdity of Labour's gender politics

And there we have it; the trans incarnation of cogito ergo sum’.

Dare to have an opinion on gender that differs from that currently considered correct by the trans militants who appear to be running the Labour party and you will be submerged under a mountain of abuse, called transphobe, bigot, disgusting, despicable, f**king scum, a Nazi, white supremacist or even member of Britain First of a supporter of apartheid South Africa. If your abuser is a fervent momentum supporter you might even be called ‘a tory’.

Recently, the term ‘TERF’ (trans exclusionary radical feminist) has been added to the list, though some say it’s not intended as an insult. I don’t know, or truly care; it’s just another dismissive label used to denigrate people who think differently than the right-on elites.

What is a female?

Well, in the majority of cases it means someone born a female. Male infants are, well, male. But now we can also change gender. The Gender Recognition Act states that a transgender person who wants to legally change gender must meet certain criteria – to ‘live as’ their adopted sex for two years and a have a doctor’s diagnosis of gender dysphoria. Once this has been completed, they are given a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC).

The GRC allows the bearer to change the gender described on their birth certificate, and access gender-segregated spaces reserved for women such as female hospital wards, women’s prisons or domestic violence shelters, female toilets and so on.

Not according to Labour

The Equality Act also is clear that only those who are legally female may stand on all-women shortlists, but Labour has now decided that it is enough for a man to ‘self-identify‘ as a female in order to join all-women shortlists. You only need to say you’re a woman, not be one legally, in other words.

Trans rights militants have been lobbying for changes to the Gender Recognition Act so that anybody wanting to change from male to female can simply ‘self-identify’ as a women, with all the currently required checks and processes removed.

So, any man will be able to fill in a form that says ‘I am now a woman’ and be free to use female changing rooms, use female hospital wards or even serve a prison sentence in a woman’s prison. It seems only trans activists don’t see anything wrong with this.

Labour's NEC, creating a party for minorities at the expense of the majority
Labour’s NEC, creating a party for minorities at the expense of the majority


There is currently a mini civil war being fought within the Labour Party, with trans activists and their supporters fighting members who oppose just giving them everything they demand. Probably waiting to be sure they only support the winning side, nobody in a senior position within the party has spoken up for the many members (both male and female) who have serious concerns about these issues.

Female labour members who oppose the trans agenda have reported their employers being contacted by activists accusing them of transphobia and other crimes against the trans community, and meetings organised by women to discuss the issue have been targeted by activists attempting to shut them down, to prevent conversation. It seems that bullying women is perfectly acceptable within the labour party provided the bullies are trans activists (or senior party members, but that’s another story).


Okay, this is currently a civil war issue that only affects the Labour party but you have been warned if the militants get their way, it will be coming to a changing room near you just as soon as Labour get into office.

I should hold my hand up and say that I believe that it should never be possible to change a birth certificate (you cannot change history) and that a GRC is enough to show the change of gender. But that’s a minor point and not one I truly care a great deal about.

But when it comes to changing gender from male to female or female to male, there has to be a procedure and set of rules that satisfies society, not just a tiny army of single-focus activists. It cannot ever be right for a person to be able to legally change gender and be treated as a member of the opposite sex simply because they signed a document saying “I’m now a woman/man”. It’s patently absurd.

Any rules need to be approved by and take account of the majority of the population – that’s one of the snags of democracy; it’s commonly called majority rule. The majority of people do not and never will think it’s okay for a man to ‘become’ a woman without actually undergoing a recognised and agreed change. Otherwise all you’re doing is declaring open season for perverts to worm their way into deservedly private places.

Acceptance, be it for gays, lesbians, transsexuals or people with dandruff is regulated by the majority. For such a minority issue such as trans rights where few people will ever truly understand or genuinely care,  most people will nonetheless accept the need for equality, fair treatment and protection from abuse and discrimination, but on majority terms, not those of rabid militants who have only contempt for the wishes of the majority.

It’s not radical feminism to say it, or transphobia, it’s just a matter of fairness and common sense.

Stephanie Coulson

The office cat lady

My name is Stephanie Coulson and I am a 'normal' mum who writes a bit, builds websites for a hobby and helps manage the family business in an effort to make ends meet.

I qualified as a teacher at Uni and after a brief period in the UK, moved to Spain and Italy where I taught English and helped start up the insegnanti-inglese teaching groups in Milan and Rome. I returned to the UK in 2017.

Once a Labour voter, I no longer recognise what the party has become. I didn't vote in the Brexit referendum, living abroad at the time, but would have voted leave. I've seen the difference between the way the UK treats EU nationals and how some EU states treat UK nationals.