British Kennels Directory - best place to find a local boarding kennels
British Kennels Directory - best place to find a local boarding kennels

As long-time pet lovers, two websites we’re delighted to be associated with are the British Kennels Directory and the British Cattery Directory.

The Kennels and Cattery directories exist to help dog and cat owners find a local boarding kennels, cattery, veterinary clinic or pet rescue group in their area. It’s really that simple.

Visitors to the sites will find information on the kennels or catteries in their area, and be able to contact any that are of interest, with the minimum possible inconvenience. All the listings have the usual phone, email and address details, along with descriptions and a map to show their location.

Finding a kennels or cattery

I no longer have a dog but in the past I’ve had two Great Danes, two Rotties and an English Mastiff. They’re not the kind of dogs you leave with grandma when you go on holiday. Not with my grandma anyway; she’s too scary.

Unfortunately, I used to move home quite frequently – on average, once every 18 months for a 10 year period – meaning I rarely used a kennels more than once. You just cannot imagine how much of a nuisance it was, trying to find a suitable kennels in each town. If the Kennels Directory had existed 15 years ago it might have saved my marriage!

The only things we think the Kennels and Cattery directories lack is a reviews or feedback section. Yes, I know the VAST majority of online reviews are fakes, but even so… I still think they’re a good idea.

Promoting Kennels and Catteries

It’s a sad fact of life that many boarding kennels and catteries close down every year, at least half of which fail because the business marketing plan didn’t extend any further than renewing the traditional Yellow Pages advert. Like it or not, having a love of animals isn’t enough to ensure a business is successful.

The British Kennels and Cattery Directories were created for the express purpose of helping to promote these small businesses. If you look at how cheap it is for kennel and cattery owners to add their businesses, you’ll realise the sites weren’t created to make a profit.

Speaking for myself and my colleagues, we think the British Kennels Directory and its sister, the British Cattery Directory, are brilliant news, not just for pet owners, but also for kennels and cattery owners!

Just in case you haven’t seen them before, you’ll find them here:

British Kennels Directory –
British Cattery Directory –

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