Pop Telecom Broadband - a user's feedback
Pop Telecom Broadband - a user's feedback

A couple of months ago I moved home and had to get a new line installed for phone and broadband. Wanting to keep costs as low as possible, I went to the usual comparison sites and eventually came across Pop Telecom.

As I use my mobile phone for most of my calls, I originally considered signing up for Pop Telecom’s broadband-only offer, which was £18 a month, but after thinking about it, I chose the broadband with anytime calls option. It was a good move because now I’ve gone back to having a landline and can make unlimited free landline calls, I’ve actually started phoning friends and family again. It might not be for you, but it was a good choice for me.

Pop Telecom, unlimited broadband, £18.99 a month including line rental.
Pop Telecom, unlimited broadband, £18.99 a month including line rental.

Looking around

One of the things that surprised me while I was looking around, was just how sneaky some companies are. Do you know why companies are so keen to offer 12 month contracts? It’s because after 12 months you’ll be ‘out of contract’, they can charge you ‘out of contract’ prices – which are never lower.

Current offers - unlimited broadband with free 'anytime' landline calls
Current offers – unlimited broadband with free ‘anytime’ landline calls

Anyway, I discovered that both Carphone Warehouse and Currys/PC World sell Pop Telecom Broadband services. I took that as a vote of confidence and signed up with Pop Telecom for their Broadband + Anytime calls package at £23.99 a month.

The customer experience

After signing up I had to wait for OpenReach to install the new line. If I recall, it took about 10-14 days from me placing my order before the new line was installed and ‘live’. A bit slow, but that’s OpenReach for you. One thing I’ve come to appreciate is that Pop Telecom don’t utilise ‘traffic shaping’, which I know lots of companies do, slowing everybody’s broadband down during peak times, like evenings.

There are only 4 devices that use my broadband connection. My laptop and TV, plus two smartphones. The laptop and TV are both connected via ethernet cables because I want the best possible speed. The two phones only use wifi, and I’ve never noticed any problems.

I can’t say a lot about Pop Telecom’s customer services because I’ve only spoken to them twice; once to confirm when my router would be arriving and once to add Caller-ID to the line. Neither call lasted more than a minute.


Let’s be honest; Broadband is Broadband and it doesn’t matter hugely who you’re with when it comes to performance. 90% of customers will never need to speak to customer services between the day they sign up and the day they end their contract. All we really care about is value for money and consistent performance. If you live in an area with slow broadband, you’re just plain out of luck, especially if Fibre-optic lines are not even an option.

As an actual user, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Pop Telecom’s current offers, because the broadband performance has always been okay, I’ve never had issues with customer services and they’re cheap! I can’t think of anything lese that matters!

Unlimited broadband +Free Anytime calls to UK landline 10, 02 and 03 numbers £23.99 a month
Unlimited broadband +Free Anytime calls to UK landline 10, 02 and 03 numbers £23.99 a month

Becoming affiliates

To cut a long story short, when we started talking about what advertising we wanted on Goodish Times, we all agreed we wanted to carry advertising for local firms if possible. Not long afterwards, I found myself in Pop Telecom’s offices in Romford, discussing an affiliate sales agreement. I was also invited to spend a little time to look around and see how things work.

So that’s why you’ll find adverts for Pop Telecom around the website. Instead of being paid to display adverts, if you click one of the adverts and sign up for broadband with Pop Telecom, we’ll get a small commission. It won’t make us rich but it’ll hopefully pay for some of our costs!

Real or fake review?

Who am I? My name’s Curtis and I’m one of the contributors here at Goodish Times. I’m a real person and live in Essex, although I actually come from Kent. This isn’t a fake review like those you find all over the internet and (if needs must) I have the bills to prove I am a real customer of Pop Telecom.

Old Spice - aka Brian

Brian - Co-Editor

No, I don't use Old Spice and was given the nickname because I'm the oldest person working on Goodish Times. I was told it was either going to be 'old spice' or 'grumpy git'.

I'm a 'normal' person. Mr Average in most respects, working but not earning enough to buy an Aston Martin yet, or ever. After running a couple of businesses in the UK, I moved to Italy, where I became a language teacher and met 3 of the people now involved with GoodishTimes. After a decade teaching, I returned to the UK.

I write because I enjoy it and I like the opportunity to bite back against the flood of propaganda and hysteria that passes for news in the UK media. I don't care if you agree with what I say, only that it's interesting enough to read.


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