Racism, or rentamob supporting professional offence seekers?

Once upon a time, magnificent people such as Martin Luther King were celebrated for championing the cause of racial equality. These people were fighting a real enemy, against real injustices and genuine discrimination.

Decades later, in what we like to think of as our enlightened and multi-cultural society, the vast majority people in Britain would agree that people should be treated equally, irrespective of skin colour. I say the ‘vast majority’ and not ‘all’ because there’s no sense in lying.

Racial conflicts are commonplace around the globe, deeply rooted in many cultures, religions and nationalities. In some cases, the discrimination, dislike, distrust or hatred is embedded so deeply within a culture that you simply cannot see it being resolved.

When people think of racism they typically think of a white person abusing a non-white person, treating them as inferior in one way or another. But that’s not racism. It’s just one example of racism.

Racists come in all shapes, sizes, genders, colours and cultures.

There’s no sense in writing about how to get rid of entrenched racism in India, the desire of Thai people to lighten their skin colour, the continuing injustices in South Africa, Islam’s approach to Jews or why many in the USA’s southern states still wave their white supremacist flags. There is no meaningful answer available.

Modern Censorship

Unless you’ve been locked in solitary confinement for a few years you’ll know that the policy of shouting opponents down and using acusations of racism (and lots of other ‘isms’) to prevent opposing opinions and conversations is the new norm.

Dare to have an opinion on Brexit that isn’t ‘remain and let anybody who wants come here’ is of course shouted down as being racist. The same applies when discussing migrants trying to get into the country, discussing ethnic groups involved in child abuse, stopping health tourism and even people’s clothing. A different opinion = racist.

The explanation given by many EU remainers for Brexit votes was racism (or because Brexit voters were less intelligent than remain voters, according to at least one Labour MP).

brexit was racist apparently
Apparently, Brexit was voted for by stupid people and is racist. Now you know.

In Britian in 2018, the only publicly expressable opinion is a ‘right-on’ opinion. To shame you into not offering an alternative opinion, our army of offence seekers, rentamob and other professional opinion spouters will shout you down with abuse until you give up and go away.

Still, you are lucky enough to live in the UK; in some countries, exxpressing the wrong opinion would result in groups of masked men ‘spontaneously’ arriving to beat the crap out of you with sticks.

This form of modern political debate is the death of honest discussion and your right to possess an opinion without getting a brick through your window.

But I digress.

So, is the UK racist?

No, it isn’t, but there are large numbers of people who live in the UK and who are racist or have racist views, but that’s not the same thing. Oh, and racists are not white by definition.

Some are white and don’t like black and asian people. Some are black and don’t like white or asian people. Some are asian and don’t like white or black people. And so on..

Me? I’m white and don’t like cooked cheese.

Starship enterprise
We don’t all live on the same planet.

Professional offence seekers

Oh, and some people, irrespective of colour, exist only to prolong and feed off these differences. They are professional offence seekers.

Like the crew of the Starship Enterprise, these people will go to places no person has been before, to seek out new and obscure ways of accusing others of racism, to discover forms of racism no human has ever thought of before, and to promote their own righteousness relentlessly.

I’m trying to think of a label to give them – everybody loves a label these days – but I just can’t think of one that hasn’t already been used for other people. I almost want to call them ‘Trekkies’ but that would also condemn the innocent.  Lacking inspiration, I’ll just call them ‘busybodies’. It’s an inoffensive term and will do for now.

BusyBody Careers

The UK’s busybody population is relatively small when taken as a percentage of the population, and yet they are heavily represented in the UK media. Most seem to have gone through university studying things like ‘humanities’, ‘social justice’, ‘Communications’, ‘Mass Media’, ‘sociology’ or the good old standby ‘politics’ at the same time as the current crop of TV journalists.

racist sweets
Racist sweets?

The task of a busybody is to seek out unapproved sentiments, images or thoughts at every possible opportunity, no matter how insignificant or manufactured they may be. So, we have Haribo’s black gummy sweets (they taste like crap but sell well) described as disgustingly racist because the sweets were moulded in the shapes of heads from African and Asian art.

Dove soap adverts that might be said to be saying ‘hey our soap is used by people of all skin colours’ are classified as racist because an asian woman takes off a jumper to reveal a white woman.

racist soap advert
Racist soap adverts?

I don’t get that. Are we saying that an advert sequence transforming a black woman into an asian woman and an asian woman into a white woman implies that the soap will make you whiter and better? So we’re saying changing asian into white has racist overtones.

Okay. So what does an advert sequence transforming a white woman into an asian woman and an asian woman into a black woman imply? If running the transformations in one order has a meaning, then so does the other. What is it? Answers on a postcard, please.

Of course, the advert may well have been made with an eye on the asian market, where skin-whitening soaps are massively popular amongst locals who aspire to lighter skins for class reasons. If so, are we saying asian people are racist for wanting lighter skin?

And white people sunbathing on a beach to get a darker skin colour? Anybody want to walk that image down the ‘racism’ pathway?

complaints line

Never mind; the busybodies sit at their TV’s finger at the ready above their iphone, which has the TV complaints line number on the hotdial button, waiting for moments like this. If they’re lucky and are able to beat their friends to a loitering TV camera, they’ll be able to enhance their street and political creds by explaining what is so offensive (for the benefit of the stupid) and why only racists or stupid people wouldn’t be offended.

You’re not in either of those groups are you? Of course you’re not, so are obliged to agree and feel indignant too. Job done.

professional politicians walk this way

Once you’ve appeared on TV at least once, you qualify as a ‘community spokesperson’ and so will get paid a little more for future appearances. The ambition, of course, is to generate sufficient publicity to enable you to claim a job in local government.

My understanding is that in order to qualify for a post such as Chief Financial Officer, Social Justice Officer or Women’s Officer in your local council, you must have made at least 6 appearances on local TV or 4 on national TV championing the rights of an identifiable voter group. It helps if you have enough friends working at rentamob to be able to organise a couple of impromptu demonstrations by angry local people for your journalist friends to film too.

From there, the world’s your oyster. You can become a local celebrity, create local laws, do your best to annoy those who don’t vote for your political party, help unemployed mates find jobs and generally never worry about needing to find a proper job.

Oh, and the racism?

Well, once you’ve scaled the ladder and reached a satisfactory position, you should retire from your local busybody group, to give others the same chance. If a journalist asks you for comments on something like racist easter eggs, patiently but indignantly explain that it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for government cuts and that more money needs to be spent on educating people, to teach them the correct way to think.

the importance of getting into government


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