Penis whitening treatment in Thailand
Penis whitening treatment in Thailand

We’d love to know your opinions on this; Is Thailand’s new penis whitening fashion racist, or just a bit silly?

Health officials in Thailand have been forced to issue a warning about the potential dangers of penis whitening, a trend that has apparently taken the country by storm.

In many southern asian cultures, darker skin is associated with working outside, an undesirable indication of being a part of the lower classes, and unattractive. Sold as it is alongside ‘normal’ soap, unwary tourists visiting shops in countries such as Thailand can easily find themselves buying ‘skin whitening’ soap by accident.

Skin whitening soap
Skin whitening soap

Laser services for skin lightening are not new in Thailand, but a social media post about penis and vagina whitening has aroused widespread interes.

The penis and vagina whitening treatment uses lasers to make the skin around the groin area lighter, by breaking down the melanin in the skin which then changes the colour.

A spokesman for Lelux Hospital, said that they had originally offered a vagina whitening service, but that once news of it spread, men started asking whether penis whitening was possible. “Patients started to ask about penis whitening, and so we started the treatment a month later. They are popular among gay men and transvestites who take good care of their private parts. They want to look good in all areas” he added.

A spokesman said that the clinic had more than 100 clients who travelled from as far as Hong Kong and Myanmar to undergo the procedure, with around 20 to 30 clients a month coming in for vagina or penis whitening.

However, Thailand’s Public Health Ministry has warned men of possible side effects of the procedure, including possible pain, inflammation or scars and reproductive implications.

“The skin of the private parts is sensitive. Such laser services may cause irritation, allergies and inflammation,” Health Service Support Department deputy director-general Dr Thongchai Keeratihuttayakorn said yesterday.

On the treatment chair...
On the treatment chair…

What is ‘racist’ in 2018?

For the old-school, who imagine that racism means discriminating against people of a different skin colour or ethinc group, it’s a lot harder to define it these days.

For example, parents have been warned that it is potentially racist to allow their daughters to dress up as Disney characters Moana or Elsa, as they would be parodying the Polynesian culture or promoting ‘white beauty’.

Carnival reveller who “blacked up” to look like a Jamaican bobsleigh team (characters from hit comedy Cool Runnings) were investigated by th epolice for racist behaviour, and a bonfire night tradition in Lewes, East Sussex, in which white people wear Zulu dress and paint faces black has been described as racist by some locals (although not by a Zulu representative who was asked for an opinion). To balance the issue, two black men in the USA were widely castigated for using white makeup on their faces while dressing up as ‘white privilege’.


To answer our own question, we’d have to say it’s just one of those weird and wonderful things that people do, serious to one, daft to another, harmless to all. It makes as much or as little sense as the latest ‘vagina beautification’ fad.

To be honest, our own opinion is that the ‘racist’ label has lost any true meaning or relevance these days.

‘Racist’ has become little more than an offensive label. Children dressing in fancy dress as Disney characters are racist? People who voted ‘leave’ in the Brexit referendum were not just unintelligent, but also racist? Disciplinary proceedings against a WPC who parked her patrol car in a disabled bay while she went shopping were racist?

It’s just getting too silly. The word has been devalued by professional cause-seekers and the permanently and professionally offended.

Next, we’ll be told that white women (and men) who fantasize about spicing up their love lives by ‘having a little black’ are guilty of promoting stereotypes, that black dildos are appropriating African culture, and that people who prefer white coffee to black are unforgivably racist.

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